aviary-photo_131055620276747874From Why Not Now Founder, Mark Neitz:

“You see things and say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were and say, ‘Why not?” George Bernard Shaw

Many people have no idea the severity of the conditions children live in here in the States much less around the world. I was one of those people. I knew that there were problems and tragedies but it wasn’t until a moment in April of 2008 that my eyes began to really open. My wife was attending a children’s conference in San Diego and after the key note speaker of the day finished his message she ran outside and called me. She began to tell me about the message this missionary from Bogota, Columbia gave that day. He told of little girls and boys between the ages of five and seven being held in rooms, tied to tables, while men would come in and do horrible things to them. He went on to say we all know this is going on in the world and say we should do something about it. Then he asked the group one question, “Why Not Now?” That was it, as my wife told me the story we were both in a puddle of tears. It was at that moment we decided we couldn’t wait any longer to make a difference, because those children can’t wait any longer.

What initially birthed in our hearts was to target cities around the world were children were being treated with severe injustices. That June, I took a trip to Mozambique, Africa to work with Heidi Baker and Iris Global. She has the largest orphanage in Mozambique and is truly impacting Africa; offering love and hope to thousands of children throughout. During my stay there I was encouraged that one individual really could make a difference.

In June of 2009 we took a trip to Brazil where we learned the severity that unsafe drinking water can have on a community. We were going down to scout out the land to work towards establishing family homes for children with no parents but soon discovered that with the rate children were dying due to contaminated drinking water, the most pressing need was to get them to live aGoldnother day. You see, many parents don’t even name their children until they are two years old due to the likelihood that they will die before they reach that age. This is an immediate and enormous problem and one that would require immediate attention. It was at this point we went from having a “Why Not” mentality to a “Why Not NOW” attitude.

In 2010 I made my first trip to South East Asia. I immediately fell in love with the region. I knew that this was the place we were to make our roots. In 2012 we established a local NGO in Cambodia called, Promised Land Association. The mission in Cambodia was to impact impoverished communities and help prevent trafficking and abuse that is typically very prevalent in such areas. One of the main tools we use to impact these communities is water filtration. We target high risk villages and provide clean safe drinking water. This prevents disease, helps us to build relationships and keeps children healthy which in turn helps keep the economical situation of individual families stronger.

After two years of working with the government and the Ministry of Social Affairs, in 2014, we received permission to open a home for girls that have been rescued from various abuses including rape, domestic violence, and trafficking. Our first home is called Esther’s House. Esther’s House is a home that has the capacity to provide 20 girls a safe haven to be healed, loved and given an opportunity to thrive and fulfill their destiny!

Our goal is to establish many more homes like Esther’s House, not only in Cambodia, but throughout South East Asia.

We also have a presence in Viet Nam where we plan to begin with a daycare center. This will eventually develop into an orphanage.