About Esther’s House

ESTHER’S HOUSE is a family style home designed for girls directly affected by sexual exploitation and/or sexual abuse to grow up knowing the strength, security, and foundation that a family provides. Located in Cambodia, ESTHER’S HOUSE is a 2,000 sq ft home, sitting on just over 3 acres of land, with a secure fence lining the property. The house comfortably accommodates 18-20 girls with a medical room and counseling/therapy room. This beautiful, peaceful property has a spacious backyard where we can raise chickens and pigs, and an aquaponics system to raise fish and grow vegetable, all helping to promote and increase self-sustainability. The children also have access to a large front yard, equipped with playground.

Immediately upon arrival, we facilitate  the initial healing process through our loving staff  to move to rehabilitate each child. Each child entering ESTHER’S HOUSE has the following provided to them:

  • clean, safe, and loving homehouse-edit
  • their own bed
  • medical care
  • secured facility
  • clothing/food/toiletries
  • 24-hour care by our loving staff
  • on-going emotional and physical counseling
  • education
  • Khmer and English language training
  • job skills/life skills

After rehabilitation, we intend to secure safe and loving homes for each child–either reunite them with their families if appropriate and possible, or work with the Ministry of Social Affairs to seek the right home. If a suitable and safe home placement is not possible, ESTHER’S HOUSE has every intention of allowing the child to remain in our care until adult age.

ESTHER’S HOUSE is committed to providing a safe haven for rescued girls to get the needed rehabilitation and training to live happy, and full lives.