family-editAbout Our Organization

ESTHER’S HOUSE  is a project of WHY NOT NOW MINISTRIES INC, a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to the prevention, rescue, restoration, and reintegration of children who are victims or at high-risk of being trafficked for sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.

Founded by Mark and Jessica Neitz in 2008, WNN set out with the dream of creating homes and safe sanctuaries for children involved in trafficking, both human and sexual. The desire to build family style homes, centered in community, for those treasures to grow up knowing the strength, security, and foundation that a family provides.

WNN, in conjunction with ESTHER’S HOUSE, is a proponent of rescuing trafficked children while working alongside law enforcement, the Cambodian Department of Social Affairs and Youth Rehabilitation, and the International Justice Mission in the investigation and rescue of children, provide them with placement, and officially shut the doors to the brothel and facilitate legal action against the brothel owners.

ESTHER’S HOUSE was established in 2014 to meet the housing and care demand for girls directly rescued from sexual exploitation in Cambodia. The vision of WNN is to open additional homes, including a home designed for the rescue and rehabilitation of boys who are victims of being trafficked for sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.