Child sponsorship is such a personal and powerful way to connect with what we are doing in Cambodia. For $40 a month you are helping with the expenses of caring for a child who now has a safe place to call home. Each child, while in our home, receives proper nutrition, medical care, counseling, schooling with additional tutoring, their own bed and a safe place to heal. We have a paid staff of local moms and dads that walk with each child and takes on the role to equip them for everyday life. We have trained counselors and social workers to walk alongside each child and their family to ensure that when it is time for the child to return home, they have a safe and nurturing home to return to. I know that you can’t see the faces of the sweethearts, but I can tell you this, her face has a smile and her eyes are full of hope and dreams. Be a part of her life today…..SPONSOR A CHILD.



Step 1:     Click on the donation link and sign-up for the recurring monthly sponsorship of $40 or more.

Step 2:     One of our team members will contact you through email or phone and sign you up.

Step 3:     The information of your sponsored child and a handmade doll will be mailed to you.